Verfasst von: Daniela | April 15, 2009

Wiederauferstehung der TWA :-)

Mit großer Freude hab ich heute gelesen, dass Karin die TWA in modifizierter Version wieder online stellen wird 🙂

DANKE KARIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Whippet Archives will be relaunched!

NEWS: 15 April 2009 On April 1, I was forced to shut down the Whippet Archives website, due to repeated personal attacks concerning copyright and other issues.

The large positive feedback on TWA and requests by whippet breeders and owners worldwide who want to work with TWA and see it back on the internet made me consider to relaunch the Whippet Archives in a slightly modified version.

I cannot give any exact date at this stage, but I hope to be able to launch a revised version of TWA in about a month.

Karin Schellner

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